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As RecoverIRô flies over very large geographic areas and creates fully-integrated zoomable images like the image on the left; we are able to examine neighborhoods which might be colorized to indicate relative inefficiencies. By working with utility companies, counties, states, and the federal government to prioritize those residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, we can realize the greatest improvements in efficiency from the weatherization, i.e. we can help maximize the value of weatherization programs.

Once a building has been identified as a possible candidate for further analysis, we have access to many infrared professionals who can further examine the building and produce extraordinarily accurate measurements through images like the infrared image of the house below.

For those companies wishing to sell weatherization products, we can help segment the market place to increase the probability that advertising will target those homes and facilities which are in need of weatherization products. Sometimes, simply knowing that the homes are well insulated like those shown in the picture to the left, is useful information.

We are prepared to work with you to help improve the effectiveness of utility, local, state, and federal weatherization programs to identify groups of houses which require further weatherization to lower the costs to those homeowners or renters.

Without Using High Resolution Aerial Infrared Surveys & Analyses to Prioritize which Residences, Schools, Commercial, and Industrial Buildings Can Provide the Highest Prioritized Paybacks, Our Government and Utlities are Wasting Money!

Look at the table below and you should conclude the
AVERAGE payback period. among the 50 states, for the money spend under the most recent DOE weatherization programs is more than 49 years, if and only if the weatherization efforts in the residences actually achieve a 30% energy savings per year and if the weatherization efforts are checked and found to be less effective then the payback periods are even longer. The amount of money spent on these low income weahterization programs per house is in many cases more than 30% of the value of the entire house.

Think How Much Further You Could Stretch Your Weatherization Funding, Low Income Heating Assistance Funding, and Energy for the Schools, Commerical, and Industrial Buildings in Your State and Territory with A Thoughtful Plan Based Upon Real Information!

We are prepared to work with you to help you successfully stretch your dollars for your communities and provide meaningful low cost verification of your weatherization programs.

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