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Solar Investor/Owner Risk Reduction

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As the size of solar plants rocket past 100MW in size and billions of dollars in cost, the types of sophisticated investors, financial strength of potential investors, and perceived risk appetite by different investor pools will continue to evolve.

While we believe some investors may be guided by financial compasses which do not necessarily required attempting to maximize the risk adjusted net present value (NPV) of their investments, we do believe many of the most sophisticated investors will ultimately be driven to maximize the risk adjusted NPV of their investments, including considerations for tax credits, government loans, government loan guarantees, fee-in-tariffs, technology, market conditions, expectations of future energy markets, proximity to major power lines, political issues, regulations, political issues, and expectations of disposals and end of life disposal costs.

Does RecoverIR understand many of the aforementioned considerations? Yes!

Is RecoverIR privy to all of the proprietary information held by all competitors in the market? No

So how can RecoverIR assist you in reducing investor risk?

If you bought a car and planned to keep the car for 10 years or more, you could never take it in for maintenance checks and never perform suggested maintenance such as never changing the oil. While you might be lucky and never be left on the side of the road with a stalled or broken vehicle, you would be taking a risk. You could also take the car to a mechanic who does not have the sophisticated computer equipment to perform necessary checks and you might lower your risk somewhat.

Similarly, most people do not die of colon cancer, so why check? Perhaps to lower your risk of dying from colon cancer?

So how can RecoverIR help lower investor risk?
We are prepared to work with you to perform all or some of the following which should change investor risk:

  • (Your Honest Broker) We operate as an independent third party "honest broker" (we are not owned or controlled by any company.)
  • (Suggest Possible Problems Before Construction) We can confidentially review all planned topographical maps and planned layouts for a future PV plant and provide our best estimates of (1) our best estimate of adverse impacts of the soil/soil covering under the planned site, (2) whether you should expect adverse temperature impacts from the size and orientation of the solar plant as related to available NOAA climate information, and (3) possible adverse temperature effects on inverters as a function of planned inverter shelter design and cooling considerations.
  • (Identify Selected Potential Plant Problems Before Plant Electrical Power Production) We can conduct an aerial infrared assessment of the entire plant before it begins to produce power to help identify ground thermal heating of panel problems, adverse temperature distribution problems across the plant which will reduce power production efficiency, assist in identifying missing or damaged panels which should be replaced before plant commissioning, and possible "hot island" effects in large solar plants.
  • (Conduct an Initial Plant Assessment Shortly after Commissioning Operation of the Plant) Please see our description of commissioning plant assessments on this website, for further details about this service.
  • (Provide the Lowest Cost Verifiable Methods for Detecting Very Large Solar Plant Panel & Inverter Problems) Please see our description of conditioned based maintenance (CBM) on this website, for further details about this service.

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