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Solar Plant Commissioning Assessments

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Whether you are the manufacturer, the investor, the owner, the purchaser of power, or the operator, it is prudent to systematically assess, benchmark, and baseline the condition and performance of a solar plant shortly after the plant becomes fully operational to clearly categorize:

  • Whether all of the panels were installed;
  • Whether all of the panels are operating at a consistent performance level;
  • Whether different arrays are performing differently;
  • Whether all of the panels have been correctly connected electrically;
  • The potential panel temperature efficiency throughout the plant as related to the ground type, ground covering, and panel height above the ground, NOAA climograph information, temperature distribution across the plant, and the a'hot island effecta' for the plant;
  • Aerial infrared thermographic measurements as compared to any installed plant instrumentation;
  • Thermal mapping of the entire power plants under different conditions;
  • Cross correlation of aerial infrared measurements with plant SCADA from the systems and subsystems within the plant, including cross correlation of efficiency versus temperature;
  • If a tracker system is not installed, whether the orientation of the fixed panels have been optimized for revenue production;
  • If a tracker system has been installed, whether the observed performance is consistent with the planed/projected performance;
  • Whether an excess number of panels have been installed to compensate for expected failures, and have consequently resulted in overpricing of the power plant;
  • Inconsistencies and temperature variances among inverters, inverter cabinets, inverter housings, and input power to inverters;
  • Considerations of dynamic control of real and reactive power at the point of interconnection, and financially how that might affect the value of power from the plant [for example the potential impact of recent emerging standards like the “Interconnection Standards Initiative Draft Straw Proposal” set forth by CAISO (California Independent System Operator) in the Spring of 2010].

Investor, owners, or operators can always take the initial installed state of a newly commissioned plant on faith, but we think verification and validation is prudent.

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