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Solar Plant Efficiency

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Please call us, if you would like:

  • 0.5% to 2% improvement in the efficiency of your photovoltaic (PV) Plant
  • Useful radiometric ( thermal mapping) measurements for your large PV Plants
  • To accurately verify the number of defective strings and/or hot panels in your PV solar plants
  • Useful trending analysis of the performance of your PV solar plants
  • To improve the efficiency of your inverters
  • Third party analysis of the performance of your PV plants

Why should you call RecoverIR?
We are the only company in the U.S. able to support conditoned based mainenance using a combination of high-resolution aerial infrared, coupled with large PV solar field design performance analysis , anomaly detection, and long term performance analysis.

What types of PV solar plant technologies can we support?
We are prepared to provide our conditioned based maintenance support to all types of silicon and thin film PV panel plant suppliers, owners, utilities, investors, and prospective investors.

What can we detect for photovoltaic solar plants?
For example, notice the white defective silicon solar panels and notice the extra hot red silicon solar panels in red. Construction and operating companies need to differentiate solar field problems attributable to faulty installation, disconnected wiring, damaged panels, defects from corrosion, internal shunting, and imbalances in DC outputs which can cause reduced inverter performance (read lower plant efficiencies).

How do we convert our subtle temperature differences into useful efficiency improvements?
We use combinations of systems engineering analysis, thermodynamics, systems analysis, and economic analysis to determine the optimal ways to improve the performance and efficiency of alternative energy power systems.

Because of the competitive nature of the alternative energy power market, all of our alternative energy customers to date have required and we honor non-disclosure-agreements.

We can help you plan your optimal condition-based maintenance programs to minimize your maintenance costs and increase your reliability!
If you can not see your problems, how can you adequately plan your maintenance, conditioned-based or not!

Give us a call or email us or click here for the fastest results.

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