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Solar Plant Thermal Mapping

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It is not possible to achieve the accuracy and granularity equivalent to our aerial infrared thermal mapping with any type of attached instrumentation, especially when considering cost and the presence of any attached measurement instrument actually changes what is being measured. Additionally, as the direction, intensity, and duration of winds vary during the day, month, and season the temperature profiles of large solar plants changes.

We are able to stitch together large thermal maps showing as little as a 1/10 of a degree difference across an entire solar plant for different times of the day and different environmental conditions.

Prior testing of different technology solar panels has shown decreased reliability correlated with higher temperature cycles and most certainly have shown reduced power output from the panels as temperatures go up.

Rapid infant mortality testing, may not necessarily predict how solar panel systems will perform under actual environmental conditions where humidity and corrosion impact performance, reliability, and component life.

Some companies may choose to make design changes, after examining our solar plant thermal maps.

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