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Detect Abandoned Homes


RecoverIR is prepared to work with your city to efficiently identify vacant and abandoned homes.

We have many techniques to examine indicators to categorize houses with excessive or abnormal amounts of heat from the house.

Over the years after significant development, our professionals use a combination of imaging, characteristics of similar house in the neighborhood, monthly billing rates, and other more subtle techniques to identify vacant and abandoned homes.

We typically work with our clients to make sure we understand the issues and needs, before we tailor our solutions.

During our aerial infrared assessments in many cities (including New York, Boston, Detroit, etc.) RecoverIR unveils many issues from our fully integrated aerial images.

In addition to simply finding multiple types of vacant and abandoned homes, we frequently identify additional issues which include, but are not limited to:

Homes and apartment buildings which were occupied with no utility billing records;problems in residential areas;inefficiencies in government, industrial, multi-residential and commercial buildings;steam leaks; andwarm discharges from facilities, sometimes toxic.

Please contact us so we can begin serving you!

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