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Solar Plant Conditioned Based Maintenance

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At this point you might be asking, "How does RecoverIR define 'Conditioned Based Maintenance'?" and "Why should we even consider 'Conditioned Based Maintenance' when we can instrument our plant, periodically inspect the plant from the ground, and make repairs as necessary"?

"Why should you even consider 'Conditioned Based Maintenance' when you can instrument your plants, periodically inspect the plants from the ground, and make repairs as necessary"?

Can you afford to overlook millions of dollars of profit?) If a mere 0.5% of a 100 MW plant was not producing power for 25 years the investors or owners might lose several million of value or between 0.5%-1% additional return on their investment, depending upon competitive interest rates. This is a non-trivial loss. We are 100% sure RecoverIR can find more of the defects in the power plant than any combination of ground crews inspecting at a much lower overall cost.

"How does RecoverIR define 'Conditioned Based Maintenance'?"

(We can help you define when and what maintenance is needed!) RecoverIR's Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) enhances the effectiveness of solar plant maintenance programs uses a combination of data drawn from aerial infrared assessments, ground based condition monitoring, and performance analysis data collected systematically during operations and/or maintenance intervals to forecast the need for additional or future maintenance. It extends the concepts of predictive maintenance by using data from both on-line and off-line information and data.

RecoverIR has developed a number of dynamically adaptive conditioned based monitoring approaches which can be tailored to minimize the cost of effective data collection, analysis, and directed maintenance.

"What other benefits can be associated with RecoverIR's 'Conditioned Based Maintenance'?"

(Our Holistic Conditioned Based Monitoring for CBM generates important data for reliability and performance trending!) To learn more about our how we can use the information from our condition based monitoring for reliability and performance trending; please visit our webpage on this website covering these topics by clicking here.

When you are ready to explore how we might optimally fulfill your needs with one of tailored CBM programs, please call us at 855-GO4RECOVERIR or contact us through this website.

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