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If One Man in Wyoming Can Steal $10,000, How Many Others are Still Out There?
Published by R. G. Lucas in Convicted Energy Thieves • 2/15/2011 10:38:08 PM
On 15 Feb 2011, Mr. Paul Mrozek reported in "The Daily News" "An Attica resident who stole thousands of dollars of natural gas service from a utility company appeared in Wyoming County Court Monday and was sentenced to five years' probation."..."John M. Czombel, 58, was convicted of fourth-degree grand larceny, a Class E felony, as a result of a plea bargain. He was originally charged with third-degree grand larceny, a more serious Class D felony."..."
Wyoming County Judge Mark H. Dadd also ordered Czombel to pay $10,179 restitution to National Fuel Gas. The service was stolen from the company during a five-year period that began in June 2005 and ended in August of 2010."

Wyoming’s state average poverty level is only about 1.1%, yet this energy theft occurred in an urban area in Wyoming.

If this person was stealing natural gas for five years, who was looking for the energy thieves and how effect were their efforts.